In today’s fast-paced world, who has the time to bake delicious biscuits, brownies, or other all-time-favorites from scratch?

Luckily, having a box of baking mix hidden somewhere in your pantry can be a true lifesaver. Baking mixes from Online Baking Supplies present a quick shortcut to biscuits, cakes, waffles, pancakes, and many other baked goodies.

In this article, we are going to talk about our favorite baking mix types that you must absolutely try in your baking endeavours.

Must-Try Baking Mix Types

A good baking mix is a lifesaving ingredient for all the home cooks out there. And the best part is that at Online Baking Supplies, you can find a baking mix for virtually anything your heart desires, whether that be decadent scones, savory pizza, or a lazy mug cake.

Yellow Cake Mix

Most days, there simply isn’t enough time to make a cake from scratch, and that’s where boxed cake baking mixes come in. By simply stirring in a few ingredients and throwing it in the oven, you get a real cake your family will love without spending hours in the kitchen or undertaking a bakery trip. As a bonus, you can still tell everyone that the cake is homemade, because technically you did make it at home.

The yellow cake mix from Wow Baking is a must-have in every kitchen, as it can serve as the foundation for a range of recipes. You can eat the cake with fruits, plain, or top it with the icing of your choice.

Cornbread Mix

Cornbread presents an excellent side dish for fall or winter to be served with a chili or soup. With cornbread baking mix, you can easily bake bread that is moist and light and will go perfectly with some honey or butter.

The Southern style cornbread mix from Women’s Bean Project creates the best-tasting cornbread ever. Simply add your favorite mix-ins like green chilies, cheese, corn, and peppers for your own special touch.

Mug Cake Mix

Some days you only have enough time and energy to microwave a cake mix. Microwavable mug cake mixes are perfect for a single-serving treat that can be prepared in just one minute. No need for oil, eggs, or having to prepare an entire cake. 

Gluten-free and naturally-flavored, the cinnamon coffee mug cake mix from Udi’s is the perfect way to start your day with the delicious on-the-go breakfast.

Scones Mix

With dedicated baking mixes, you can easily make fresh and delicious homemade scones right on time for breakfast or serve them as a snack.

And the best part is that you can find virtually any flavor you want: wild blueberry, tart cherry, red raspberry, California apricot, apple cinnamon, and more. Alternatively, you can choose the original recipe scones mix from Sticky Fingers and get creative with your own additions like fresh seasonal berries or thick jams.

Chocolate Mousse Mix

If you love chocolate desserts, you must try a chocolate mousse - rich, decadent, and light at the same time. A baking mix presents a quick shortcut to effortlessly create this fluffy chocolate treat.

The milk chocolate mousse mix from Southern Gourmet captures all the goodness of time-honored traditions. Easy to prepare and rich in flavor, this mix lets you experience the traditional taste that you will be happy to share with your friends and family.

Brownie Mix

Cake mixes can be used for so many different things, and, of course, brownies are among our favorites.

The original brownie mix from No Pudge is the only brownie mix that allows to make decadent, delicious brownies with absolutely no fat. The mix is made from all-natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. What else could you wish for?

Pizza Mix

Homemade pizza dough is, undoubtedly, a delicious treat, but it can take hours to make. With all the mixing, kneading, shaping, rising, and baking, it requires a real time commitment. Luckily, you can get a crunchy, crispy pizza crust that takes only minutes to prepare with a banking mix from Online Baking Supplies.

For example, the pizza crust mix from Namaste Foods has an unforgettable gourmet flavor because of its unique blend of herbs and spices. It will go perfectly with a pesto or tomato sauce or all of your favorite toppings.

Muffin Mix

Delicious, moist homemade muffins get even better when you don’t have to spend hours preparing them. 

The organic quick bread and muffin mix from Namaste Foods is ideal to have on hand to bake an easy banana bread or a batch of moist muffins whenever you crave them. This mix is free of eight most common allergens and is a great choice for the entire family.

Sugar Cookie Mix

Whether it is a simple snack, an everyday dessert, or a celebratory treat, sugar cookies are fun and easy for the whole family.

Like magic, you can make gluten-free cookies at home quickly and easily. The sugar cookie mix from King Arthur has everything you need already measured and mixed for you. Easy to roll out, cut, and decorate, these buttery cookies will quickly become your favorites.

Bake with Ease with Online Baking Supplies

Baking doesn’t have to be difficult. The quick and easy baking mixes from Online Baking Supplies allow you to make your favorite desserts without virtually any effort. And less prep work means that you will have more time to truly savour the flavors and share the goodness with your loved ones.

It’s time to treat yourself. Shop our collection of baking mixes today. 

  • WOW BAKING: Mix Yellow Cake Gluten Free, 11 oz

  • WOMENS BEAN PROJECT: Mix Golden Cornbread, 13 oz

  • UDIS: Cinnamon Coffee Mug Cake Mix Gluten Free, 9.8 oz

  • STICKY FINGERS: Bakeries Premium Scones Mix Original Recipe, 15 Oz

  • SOUTHERN GOURMET: Milk Chocolate Mousse Mix, 4 oz

  • NO PUDGE: Brownie Mix Original Fat Free, 13.7 oz

  • NAMASTE FOODS: Pizza Crust Mix, 16 oz

  • NAMASTE FOODS: Organic Quick Bread & Muffin Mix, 16 oz

  • KING ARTHUR: Everyones Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, 16 oz

  • KING ARTHUR: Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Mix, 12 oz