Sticky Fingers Bakeries

Sticky Fingers is devoted to bringing homemade taste to modern lives. The authentic taste of home-made goods made with baking mixes from Sticky Fingers will surely remind you of the delicious scones your grandma used to make.

The most delicious scone recipe in the world was a family secret for hundreds of years until 1987, when it was used to make the most delicious scones available to the public in San Diego, California. Every day, the Sticky Fingers Bakeries would make fresh Sticky Fingers scones, and every day, they would sell out in the matter of hours. 

Finally, the owners have decided to recreate the unique Sticky Fingers recipe in a baking mix, made with only the highest quality ingredients available. Today, you can purchase scone mixed in a variety of flavors - from wild blueberry or raspberry, to tart cherry, and more.