HOL GRAIN: Mix Seasoning Fajitas, 1.25 oz
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HOL GRAIN: Mix Seasoning Fajitas, 1.25 oz

The Conrad Rice Mill is the oldest rice mill in America. It is also one of the leading tourist attractions in this area of the Bayou Teche. In 1981, the Mill was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. P.A. Conrad founded the Conrad Rice Mill and Planting Company in 1912. He would cut the rice by hand and let it sun-dry on the levees before putting the rice in the threshers. The rice was poured into 100-pound bags and taken to the mill. At that time, the mill operated only three to four months out of the year. Conrad would sell his rice from inventory, waiting for the next crop to harvest.

  • FAJITAS Seasoning Mix, the WORLD'S first Wheat, Corn and Gluten free mix. Great taste and flavor. NO MSG, NON GMO.
  • Ingredients: Rice Flour, evap cane juice, salt, cummin, garlic, onion, paprika, oregano
  • Product of the oldest operating rice mill in the USA