NIELSEN MASSEY: Extract Lemon Pure, 2 oz
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NIELSEN MASSEY: Extract Lemon Pure, 2 oz

Our Pure Lemon Extract is produced from lemon oil, drawn from the natural essence of the highest quality California lemons. Full of bright flavor and capable of To craft our all-natural pure flavor extracts, we begin by sourcing only the finest premium ingredients from the world’s best growing regions. We evaluate each ingredient to ensure it meets our discriminating quality standards. Our pure flavor extracts are then produced to ensure that the delicate flavor notes are carefully preserved without losing any of the sweetness or richness of nature’s bounty.

  • Full of bright flavor and complements most dishes
  • Easily added to dishes, there’s no zesting or juicing needed
  • Kosher Certified, Gluten-Free Certified, All-Natural, Allergen-Free, GMO-Free