BUZZ & BLOOM: Honey Fair Trade Glass, 12 oz
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BUZZ & BLOOM: Honey Fair Trade Glass, 12 oz

Buzz and Bloom Honey is inspired by the magical, honey-making relationship between the honeybee and the flower. Flowers, and the valuable nectar and pollen they share with the bees, are the very essence of Buzz and Blooms' floral-forward honey varietals, and the beauty inspiration for our packaging. Whether the honey is derived from a lychee fruit tree or fresh citrus groves, Buzz and Bloom carefully preserves the journey from flower to hive to your home, and maintains the highest quality honey on the market.

Jammy with notes of dark cherry & ripe plum. Great in savory dishes, meat marinades, cocktails or drizzled over charcuterie, mild cheeses & sourdough bread. Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA.