MAGGI: Beef Stew Goulash Seasoning Mix, 1.55 oz
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MAGGI: Beef Stew Goulash Seasoning Mix, 1.55 oz

Maggi goulash can also be considered as lifestyle food, given that it is lacto ovo vegetarian. It is recommended for those who prefer salty flavors. It is sought after for being high protein. Though maggi goulash originally belongs to the european cuisine, today it's a part of the global taste. Throughout the world maggi goulash is usually prepared by braise. It is a delicious main dish. The ideal kitchen help with which delicious meals will certainly result. The great selection of recipes causes the heartbeat to accelerate of even the most spoiled gourmets, and conjure a different meal every day on the table. For a juicy Goulash with a lot of gravy, try our Maggi Fix for Goulash. Now you'll find out why German food is so delicious.

Perfect mix to prepare a delicious Goulash stew