CROWN MAPLE: Dark Color Maple Syrup, 12.7 fo
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CROWN MAPLE: Dark Color Maple Syrup, 12.7 fo

Make an uncommon impression with the distinctive Crown Maple Dark Color Robust Taste 375ML (12.7 FL OZ) organic, 100% pure maple syrup bottle in an elegant Royal Treatment box with your choice of our signature classic orange band or HAPPY HOLIDAYS band.

• Sweeten richly roasted coffees, espresso & hot chocolate
• Versatile topping & ingredient for pastries & desserts
• Drizzle for oatmeal, cheeses, and vinaigrettes
• Sticky buns and baked goods
• Adds complexity and flavor depth to marinades, glazes, condiments, and BBQ sauces
• Sophisticated replacement for simple syrup in cocktails with deep flavored spirits such as an Old Fashioned